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Features to Look for in a Watch Winder Safe

Automatic watches tend to be expensive luxury objects. Even if yours are the more affordable timepieces, you of course still want to protect them. The question is; how can you effectively protect these precious fashion pieces?

The best way of protecting automatic watches is by keeping them in a safe with watch winder. Watch winder safes make high quality anti-theft products, as they work to prevent any unwanted parties from stealing or taking the watches without permission. More so, these types of safes offer better functionality and efficiency than the regular safes. Therefore, with a watch winder safe in your home, you can rest assured that your valued heirlooms are always kept safe and secure.

However, with all the different watch winder safes being manufactured, it can prove quite daunting to choose an ideal watch winder safe for your automatic watches. How can you ensure that you settle for a good watch winder safe, that is really worth your investment? Read on!

5 Features to Look for in a Watch Winder Safe

When you go out to buy a watch winder safe, don’t just pick the very first safe that you come across. It is a good idea to first look into the available safes, comparing their individual qualities and advantages. After all, there are all types of safes sold in the market; from cheap and expensive ones, to large and small watch winder safes.

The following are 5 important features that you should always look for when purchasing a watch winder safe;

1.) Size

As mentioned above, watch winder safes come in a variety of sizes. When shopping for these, you will come across smaller watch winder safes, the size of small deposit boxes, as well as larger safes, some even taller than you!

Therefore, before you can make the actual purchase of a watch winder safe, you first need to consider how big a safe you will need. Obviously, owning a lot of timepieces, as well as other valuables, will require that you go for a large-sized watch winder safe.

Also, consider where you plan to store your watch winder safe. Will the available storage space be able to accommodate the watch winder safe that you intend to purchase? Therefore, it is very important that you ensure that you have enough storage space to keep your watch winder safe.

Another important fact to remember about size is that; the larger the size of the watch winder safe, the more safety it offers. Although this doesn’t always guarantee the quality of the safe, the fact holds true most of the time. Therefore, if you intend to go for more secure watch winder safes, you can consider purchasing the larger safes from trusted brands and companies.

2.) Space

This goes without saying; you should always choose a watch winder safe that offers enough storage space for your timepieces. Most safes are designed with one, or more chambers for housing the watches. Whichever safe you decide to buy, make sure that that it can comfortably accommodate all your watches.

Also, it is highly recommended that you go for those safes that don’t take too much space. Watch winder safes that take up less space keep timepieces and other valuables even more organized. More so, they promote less cluttered rooms and spaces.

3.) Weight

The most ideal watch winder safes are those that weigh a lot. Why is that so? Well, watch winder safes that are heavy in weight tend to be robust, such that these cannot be easily removed and moved. The fact that these safes cannot be easily moved makes them even more secure.

On the contrary, watch winder safes that are small and portable can be easily carried away. Therefore, these low-weight safes provide less safety than their counterparts. In summary, we can say that; the heavier the watch winder safe, the more safety it offers.

This, however, does not mean that you go for the extremely heavy watch winder safes. After all, the transportation and installation of these safes may prove to be too challenging, even impossible. Therefore, as much as you want to get a safe that is competent, you should also consider reasonable limits in the weight of the watch winder safe. The best reviewed watch winder safes are those that weigh between 200-800 kilograms.

4.) The Inside

When you get your watch winder safe, you will be keeping your timepieces and other valuables inside. Therefore, you need to take into consideration how the inside of a watch winder safe looks like. Most safes feature several shelves, on which the watches can be safely kept.

Irregardless of how the inside of a watch winder safe is arranged, it should have soft linings on its walls. This ensures that the watches are always kept safe and do not scratch against the walls. Also, if your budget allows, go for those safes that feature built-in winders in the inside.

5.) Style and Design

The designing and style of a watch winder safe is another feature worth considering. The design and style that you go for is usually dependent on two main factors;

  • Where you will keep the watch winder safe
  • How you will use the safe

If your main intention of getting a watch winder safe is only to protect your watches and nothing else, then you could consider getting a safe of any design and style. After all, you most probably will place this in a hidden place, such as the basement or closet.

However, if you are the sort that prefer adding a watch winder safe to your home’s interior design, then you have to choose a design and style that correctly matches with the overall styling of your house.


While some watches can be replaced, automatic watches are very rare vintage timepieces, which makes them entirely irreplaceable. Losing these classic watches would be a great blow to the owners, which is why you should ensure that your automatic watches are always kept safe.

So, buy for your timepieces a watch winder safe. But, before you do, ensure that you first consider the above 5 features of an ideal watch winder safe; looking into these factors beforehand will ensure that you buy the most ideal watch winder safe for your watches.

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