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21 Best Small Desks For Small Spaces For 2023

The Best Desks For Small Spaces

Leick desk for small spacesSpace is becoming more and more of a commodity.  In order to find a place to work these days it can mean spending a lot of money – but still only finding smaller and smaller spacial footprints.  That’s where finding the best desk for small spaces comes in. Because, if one wants more working space, the premiums they have to pay can be out of this world. And that’s why finding a small space desk is so very practical.  Website’s like this one endeavor to find ways to get the most out of the limited space available, but with attractive solutions that work and that enhance your work space.

Desks come in a variety of sizes. I remember a previous boss I had had a “I’m The Boss” desk. It was HUGE! I dare to say it was probably the length and width of a twin bed – or at least it seemed that way. But not all home office spaces have the amount of space to hold a BOSS desk, but there are always options that can fit your available space.  If you’re looking for the best homeschooling desks, click here.

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Small Desks

Small desks are always easy to find.  And if you’re in need of a desk for small spaces, you can’t go wrong with this category. In some cases, some have a hutch, some don’t but most times they can fit in a smaller room or den. And even within that small footprint you will find exactly what you need: a top space that has enough space for your computer or laptop, books, pens etc.  They also may have file drawers included and a slide out keyboard tray.  And depending on your space, you can find some corner desks that fit nicely within your dedicated office room or bedroom. “Student desks for small rooms”  is  good search term for this option, in that these type of desks rarely take up too much space.  They are also just the right size for adults, and bigger and more useful than tiny kids size desks for bedrooms.

And to enhance the practicality and space saving features of these small space desks, you can do a search for “small office desks with storage”.  There are also corner desks for tiny spaces to be found online as well.  Finding these type of desks helps your save spacing in additional ways.

3 Best Small Desks For Small Spaces

Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk, Oak Finish

Bedford Black Student Desk and Hutch by Home Styles

bonVIVO Writing Desk Massimo, Contemporary Desk

Foldable Desks

Foldable desks are also a good idea for limited space. These come in many shapes and sizes.  But what they have in common is that you can tuck them away when not in use and reclaim any space it once took.  They look like (and basically are) foldable tables. . Except that many foldable tables are made for holding a number of people and have a larger top footprint. But foldable desks are many times not as long and more narrow; just the right size for a laptop or a monitor along with a little more surrounding space. And for those looking for a desk for small spaces that folds out the way, this category is perfect.

3 Best Foldable Desks

Need Small Desk 31 1/2" Width Folding Desk

JIWU 2-Style Folding Desk for Small Space

Tangkula Foldable Computer Desk, Home Office Computer Table with 3 Ample Storage

Wall Mounted Desks

Another way to use a desk within limited space is to use the many wall mounted desk options. These are also beneficial if you’re seeking a desks for small spaces with storage. The nice benefits of these type of desks is that they take up a small footprint on your wall when folded up and when needed they drop down or pull out to reveal just the right space for your laptop and keyboard. It’s good to place these types of desks where they light is the right setting for your use, for example, if you’ll be doing a lot of reading. They may not always have a space on the desk to place a lamp, so other lighting will be necessary. But if you’re using a laptop then lighting may not always be an necessity.

Drop Leaf Desk and Fold Out Convertible Desks

An attractive style of desk for those with small spaces is the drop leaf and fold out convertible desk varieties that are available. One can also search for Murphy desks as well. When one thinks of Murphy desks, the term Murphy Beds usually comes to mind. But in reality, they follow the same concept as the drop leaf and fold out desks. They basically are installed on the wall and drop down or pull out the desk space as needed.

These desks  usually work the same way.  They are wall mounted, have a drop down leaf that has a leg that secures the desk space. But you will find some drop leaf desks that don’t have a leg, but the way its designed, the stability of the desk is secured and stabilized by its housing.  Many of the fold out convertible desks allow a space under the desk for a chair to conveniently settle underneath it for the desk look and feel. But usually, chairs are not included with their purchase.

3 Best Drop Leaf Convertible Desks

Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk – White

Folding Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Computer Table

Ikea Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, white

Floating Desks

Floating desks also have a unique style to them. The are desks that are installed on the wall making them perfect small spaces.  There aren’t any “legs” that get pulled out. You just pull up a seat and start working. They also too have a small footprint to them, but in many cases there is no drop down feature because the desk aspect is always at the ready. But in some cases they may have a pull out or drop down working space depending on the manufacturer. These floating desks come in a number of different flavors. Some are simple desks with limited features, while some have an array of shelves for books, small plants and more. You can even find corner floating desks  that have an attractive, unique look.  But if you’re looking for the best desks for small spaces, these desks can definitely suit your space and your personal taste.


3 Best Floating Desks

Prepac Kurv Floating Desk, White

Prepac HRHW-0501-2M Designer Floating Desk and Hutch Set

WLIVE Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage Shelves


Mobile Desks

At times we would like our desks to move when we move. This is where mobile desks come in. Depending on your mobility needs there are a wide range of mobile desks at your disposal. And these mobile desks all can fit into your limited spacing parameters.

Laptop Desks

Ever been in bed but need to work? Need a desk for this smallest of small spaces? Laptop desks are the answer. These desks not only provide the space needed to hold your laptop but in some cases also holds it at a workable angle for your needs. What makes them efficient is the included legs, which give your laptop desk the stability you need if working on a floor or a bed.  You will find some that just provide the needed space for a laptop but there also those that provide the space for your mouse as well. There are even some desks that can hold your laptop when you’re a little higher up than a lying down position, like on your knees for example. There are even harnesses that you can buy to attach to your laptop, so when sitting or walking, your laptop goes with you.  These small portable desks for small spaces may be just what you need.

3 Best Laptop Desks

Laptop Bed Tray Table, Nearpow Adjustable Laptop Bed Stand

WorkEZ Best Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand & Lap Desk for Bed

Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table Adjustable

Mobile Standing Desks

But if you need the small footprint plus mobility a mobile standing desk or mobile standing workstation can fit the bill. Some who work from home or at an office like the ability to stand and work at their stations. And there are many health benefits to having a standing desk.

There a many standing desks out there with a large footprint, but some mobile standing desks give you the manageable workspace along with the mobility you need.  This is the ultimate desk for small spaces.  The variety of standing mobile desks out there can include ones that have shelves for your computer console, files and more.  And with the included wheels, you can move your desk with you as needed.

3 Best Mobile Standing Desks

24" Shelves Adjustable Mobile Stand up Workstation
Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Mobile Stand up Workstation

Techni Mobili Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation

Stand Steady AV Cart

Corner Computer Desks

When it comes to space saving, corner computer desks have an advantage. They can be situated in the corner, away from walk areas and furniture.  And, more than other small desks, it provides more real estate and can hold more of your office equipment space.  For example, we may need a second monitor in order to be more efficient with our work.  Corner computer desks have ample space for an additional monitor and more.

3 Best Corner Computer Desks

Coles Home L Shaped Desk Home Office Desk

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk


Making The Right Choice

When searching for the best desks for  small spaces, there are definitely a lot of options. No matter what the your needs are for the space you have, there is a desk for tiny spaces solution for you. And if you’re looking for corner desks for your small space, there’s a number of excellent desks out there for you as well.

Finding Your Perfect Work space

The creativity of a smaller working space has become a norm in the world of big business and even in home offices. The flexible offices have a number of benefits to the customers, employers, and employees. Universally people prefer a smaller working space because it boosts productivity, lessens costs, and increases the bottom line in an ultimate way.

Smaller working spaces are golden because they give users complete control.  In offices employees that are assigned into different tasks have full accessibility of sharing the same resources and tools. Modern offices give the owner mandate to mold the culture of the company and ensuring the output is always high.

Benefits of Mobile Desks

Improving productivity and efficiency at the workplace is the aim of any effective leader or manager in a business. One way to eradicate slow down and inconveniences at workplace is the introduction of mobile desks. A mobile desk increases productivity rate by allowing employees to do more tasks assigned to them.  Mobile desks are super amazing because they can be wheeled around the business area in the most convenient place. Mobile desks contribute tremendously in creating freedom and morale to the employees. Switching between walking, standing, and sitting at your own desk is very crucial to your health.

What to Consider When Deciding on Which Small Space Desk to Purchase?

Whether you are searching to economize space at home office or in the workplace choosing a stylish and functional desk is obligatory. The factors to consider when purchasing the best desks for small spaces include: comfort, purpose of the desk, shape, work habits, material for the desk, space, and storage.

    • Comfort: Comfort is not a factor to disregard when selecting a small space desk. The desk height should fit the user, it should simply be in compatible with the chair and perfectly provide sufficient leg space.
    • Purpose of the desk: The purpose of the desk assist you in deciding the appropriate to get; if it is for computing, paper work, writing, or reception.
    • Shape: The shape of the desk you select should perfectly work in another area in case you opt to adjust in another working space.
    • Work habits: Organized and neat individuals might have the taste for small desk for their task needs.
    • Material for the desk: They are variety of materials that can be used to make a small space desk such as metal, wood, and laminate. Metal desks are appropriate for durability purposes. Wood is immaculately smart but not suitable for heavy or rough use, while laminate can endure daily abuse because it has plastic finish which is super durable.
    • Space: You should carefully consider the place where the desk will be located and then get the measurement which is very necessary.
    • Storage: Getting a small space desk for a small surface area is essential to reduce the incompatibility of storing the desk.


When Installing a Wall Mounted Desk, What Factors Should be Considered? 

Wall mounted desks are darlings to most of the people because of their simplicity, practicality, and versatility. The factors that make them to be deeply loved by most people include height, storage, compatibility, and structure.

    • Height: the most amazing factor with wall mounted desks height is that they are not fixed. The desks can be installed at any height so as to fit every individual. The wall bearing mounting height should be highly considered to suit in the workspace, dining, kitchen, bars, and living areas.
    • Storage: the place to install the wall mounted desk should be comfortable to the user according to the needs. It can be mounted at any height and in variety of settings, decors and space.
    • Compatibility: the wall mounted desk installed at the wall should perfectly fit the user for efficient purposes.
    • Structure: The wall mounted desks are constructed in different sizes, styles, and shapes. It is wise to install a mounted desk that can satisfy your needs.


How to Organize Small Desk Space?

Organizing a small desk space can be challenging to some people. The following are the tips to use for organizing a small desk space.

    • Starting everything from scratch: Any unnecessary item placed on the top or from the drawers should be removed.
    • Cleaning the desk out and inside: Wiping and dusting the desk is vital for ensuring a healthy working environment.
    • Throwing away unnecessary and old items: it is crucial to dispose any unwanted items placed on the top of the desk or from the drawers.
    • Updating the small desk space: This includes throwing away old photos, outdated calendars, unanswered and answered mails.
    • Changing the desk’s configuration: This entails putting items back on the desk in an orderly manner.
    • Stocking up new supplies: When running short on staples, paper, and ink pens it is beneficial to purchase new ones for replenishing the desk.
    • Putting the most important things closely: the most frequent used items should be kept at a close reach for accessibility purposes.


How To Maximize Space On A Small Desk?

If you have a small desk, then you want to try and maximize the usable space as much as you can. If you’re creative and you have the right ideas, you won’t have to worry about making the most out of your small desk space. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get started.

Declutter your desk

There will always be some items you can remove from your desk, items which offer zero value. Put each item from your desk aside and see if you really need it or not. You can donate or store the items you don’t need. Just stop putting those items on your small desk all the time.

Try to go fully digital

Going fully digital can have a vast range of benefits. You won’t need to worry about storing documents physically, and you can stick to digital notes too. These are easier to search, and you can remove a lot of stuff from your desk as well.

Store items under the desk

Harnessing all that empty space is a very good idea. You always need to try and find ways to make the most out of any storage space. So yes, you can try and store items under the desk if possible. That alone can be well worth the effort.

Use smaller equipment

You can try to use a laptop instead of a desktop station. While there, you can ditch the personal printer if there’s already one on the network. It’s imperative to make the most out of all solutions that you can. So yes, this approach can be well worth it.

Establish a cord control system

Sometimes you have a lot of tangled cords that end up requiring a lot of space. What you want to do is to detangle all of that and try to manage it accordingly with cable ties. Going the wireless route can be a very good idea too, if you want to do so.

Use a stand for some of the items

Stands offer you extra storage space underneath them. This will make it easier than ever for you to make the most out of your small desk’s space and even store items more efficiently as needed.

Organize items based on their purpose

You need to put on your desk only those items that you can reach with your hands while sitting on the chair. Organize those items based on your needs, you can have 1-2 rows of items, with the second row requiring you to lean forward to reach it from the chair. Anything aside from that can be stored aside in a basket and you can access it whenever you need it.


We recommend you to use these tips if you have a small desk and you need more space. These simple tips and tricks will make it easy for you to eliminate any issues and really focus on making the most out of your available space. Once you do that, you will be incredibly happy with the results and you will find yourself with a lot more free space on your small desk!

How to keep fit while using a small desk?

Sitting in front of a small desk all the time is obviously not that healthy. In fact, sitting in general is an activity that can lead to many health issues. These include colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others. Even if we are forced to sit for many hours or work from home, there are still ways to stay healthy and fit while working in front of a small desk. Here’s how you can do it.

Use the Pomodoro technique

The idea here is that you are working for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes. Doing that is very helpful because you get the time to unwind and relax for a little bit. You also get to move within your home, which in the end will offer a great experience. Min-breaks like these are going to help more than you imagine.

Perform stretches or simple workouts at your desk

Stretches are really easy to do and most of them won’t even require you to get up. Aside from that, you can also perform sit ups, jumping jacks and a variety of other exercises. These will help you get the blood pumping and boost your energy levels.

Take a lunch break and go out

Taking a longer break where you go outside and move can really help. Usually the best idea here is to go out during lunch time. Getting some fresh air from outside is very helpful, plus you get to avoid sitting, so it’s well worth it.

Perform desk exercises

There are plenty of amazing desk exercises you can try out right away. For example, you can do seated leg raises, high knees, chair dips, calf raises, shadow boxing, water bottle free weights, a leaning plank, the chest opener and many others. The main idea here is to be creative, really focus on results and vary the workouts you do every day. Not only will you feel refreshed and full of energy, but you will have a great productivity boost too, which is always helpful.

Drink lots of water

Water helps you stay hydrated, and it will also help you eliminate toxins from your body. Believe it or not, it also helps you lower the food consumption, and you can manage the body weight with ease. A good rule of thumb is to drink half the bodyweight in ounces. If you have 200 pounds, then drink 100 ounces.

Eat healthy meals at designated hours

Creating a proper eating schedule will help you stay nourished. Of course, what you want to do is to eat healthy foods like salads and fruits for example. Try to focus on sticking with healthy meals because they will make it easy to stay in shape and also access all those much-needed vitamins.

Where To Find Desk Space In A Small Bedroom?

Creating an office space in a small bedroom comes with its fair share of challenges. But the truth is that you can always be very creative and come up with a vast range of ideas. At the end of the day, it’s possible to make the most out of every space, you just need to know how to do it. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you achieve that.

Get a hall table or a demilune

You want to go with a very small table, so a hall table or a demilune will do just fine. They can be great for a laptop table or a small desk. Plus, these tables are very small and won’t eat up a lot of space. You can place it near the window or at the entryway if possible. This is all based on what space you have within your bedroom. Adding it close to your bed can also be a possibility, based on how much space you can work with.

Wall mounted desks

A wall mounted desk can also be a good option. This can offer storage space underneath, and it’s also quite easy to install. If can also be storage space if you don’t keep your laptop there. Thankfully, there are a variety of wall mounted desk designs, so try to take that into consideration. You can also go with a design that folds into the wall when the desk is not used. It sounds great and it will bring in front a really good set of results.

Nightstand desk

Since we are talking about creating a small bedroom desk space, a good way to achieve that is to use a nightstand as your table. Of course, that means you want to go with a taller nightstand which allows you to place a chair underneath. Once you do that, you will notice that you can work really well from the comfort of your bedroom without any problems.

Buy some multi-purpose furniture

A small desk with built-in shelving can be a good pick too. You can put the unit right near the window, getting more storage space and a dedicated workspace very quickly. It’s important to make the most out of every space you can get, and in the end that alone can be well worth the effort. We recommend you to use this idea because it’s innovative, creative and it will make it easy for you to work from your bedroom without a problem.


Finding a perfect desk for small spaces provides awesome opportunities for development and growth.  It is the aim of effective individuals, managers, and leaders to be productive.  Large numbers of people have the thirst to develop, grow, and combat the current challenges of this planet when working in a comfortable environment.  An ideal workplace assists the employees to work with enthusiasm and morale. The proximate end of a wise business person is to have a peaceful working space which is economical.

Functional Desks For Your Small Space

A desk not matching your liking should not be in your room for long. Picking the perfect desk involves analyzing your whole space like its interior, color, design, size, purpose, preference, and many more. If you are considering buying a small desk in size and saving some space, this article is for you. Let us look into various types of desks that you can opt for-

  1. Wall-mounted drop-leaf desk

These kinds of the desk can be mounted on the wall and can be folded up when not in use so that you can save the space. You can use this tiny desk as a Study table, writing table desk, workspace desk, etc.

  1. Wall-mounted ladder desk

One of the best solutions for you can be a learning ladder desk if you want to save space and add style to it. These ladder desks have several shelves, and one of them (at the proper level) can be folded out and be used as a table. These types of shelves are extremely in demand, whether it’s a modern or classical interior. 

  1. Midcentury fold out desk

A mid-century-inspired desk is made of wood and has a vintage touch to it. The mid-century desk can be defined by its simpler design, clean lines, suitable curves, and its functionality. A piece of the midcentury desk can add to your room aesthetic beauty as well and can go well with any room.

  1. Mid-century art display mini desk

This table has a glass top so that you can keep your art pieces under it to display. Art display desk comes in different sizes; opt for a small one if you want to save space.

  1. Midcentury mini secretary desk

A secretary desk is an ultimate organizer for your stuff. The secretary desk is usually attached with a shelf, a hutch so that you can keep necessary items within your arm’s reach. When it comes to functionality, no other desk features can beat it.

  1. 2-leaf C table

If you want to opt for a versatile desk, then the C table is the right option for you. It can be used as a workspace when working from home. As the name is specified, this table has to leave that can be extended for extra space when needed. It is excellent for holding a cup of tea, your laptop, popcorn, etc.

  1. L-Shaped desk

The L-shaped desk has two long surfaces to work on, one on either side, which gives its users ample space. If you want to sculpt a dedicated space in your room, then these desks are the right choice for you. They come with shelves and hutches and are usually installed in the corner of the room. It is productive and luxurious as well, which offers a decent and contemporary look to your space. They are easily available in the market for 90° angle, and you might need to customize them for a different angled corner. It can be used as a study table, gaming desk, workspace desk, etc.

  1. Hideaway wall desk

The hideaway desk serves as a display shelf when not being used and can be turned into a desk whenever you want. It is a great option when you won’t desk to use as a display shelf and study table as well.

  1. Wall-mounted and Folding laptop desk

Holding laptop desks can be turned into floating cabinets when not in use. You can simply pull the top part down to make it a workspace desk. It becomes more functional when it has shelves equipped in it.

  1. Sliding desk

The sliding desk can slides over a cabinet when not in use to save space. Within its small area, it has two storage options with a lot of space.

  1. Industrial rustic wall mounted desk.

These desks are a great choice if you want the rustic, industrial aesthetic look. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and you can add a chair or a stool underneath it when you are not using it.

  1. Reversible desk

This is a smart choice if you are looking for a fun and contemporary desk. Though this does not provide a lot of storage space, it can give an illusion that the desk is not even there. 

  1. Desk with keyboard tray

Are you working with a laptop or computer? Then this desk is the right choice for you! This makes an efficient work desk to keep your office supplies and technical system not messed up.

  1. Lap desks

A desk that goes wherever you go! It is a desk that is neither wall mounted nor surface attached. Just like a book, you can carry it wherever you want. With lap desks, you can even carry your office to bed.

The choice and design of the desk depending on your liking and your room interior as well.

So, before going for any of these, be sure of what you want and get yourself the same, so you don’t regret it later.

Other Places To Find Desks For Small Spaces

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