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10 Gorgeous (And Best Reviewed) Corner Shower Enclosures

There’s nothing like taking a shower in an enclosed, amazing atmosphere. No matter what’s happening outside your space, it disappears from your mind as you soak those elements away.  And if you’re looking for corner shower stalls for small bathrooms, there are a plethora of designs and styles out there.  These corner shower enclosures display an elegance and a luxurious look – without the high costs of a steam shower.

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Most of our curated offerings are corner shower stall kits.  Some of these come with a custom fit base and some you will need to buy a compatible base.  In addition, most of them come with the option of expert set up help if needed.  We feel you will enjoy your purchase and find the right corner shower enclosure to suit your style.  After your purchase just add a Kinps SoundCircular shower speaker and you’re set! Happy showering!


Dreamline Cornerview Framed Sliding Shower
In Chrome – 34 1/2 in. D x 34 1/2 in. W x 72 in

DreamLine corner showers dominate our best reviewed list. And this Dreamline Cornerview does not come short.  It is laid out with certified clear tempered glass for strength and comes with a center opening sliding door, perfect for spaces where swing doors won’t work. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, which we love and comes in a beautiful chrome finish.   The matching base comes separate. Professional installation is recommended.  Click here to see more. 




DreamLine Prime Semi-Frameless Clear Glass
Sliding Shower Enclosure in Chrome 33 in. x 74 3/4 in.

This DreamLine Prime product lives up to it’s name. With a neo round sliding style glass semi-frameless design, it’s a beauty just to behold.  Perfect for spaces where a swing door won’t work. It has a glossy acrylic finish that is scratch and stain resistant. Includes shower enclosure and base.  Click here to see more


Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 Neoscape GS Completely Frameless
Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure – Stainless Steel 34″ x 34″ x 72

This frameless shower enclosure from Aston is definitely eye-catching.  The neo angle is marked difference from the square and rounded enclosures – but is able to serve its purpose in style.  The unit is completely frameless.  It’s also reversibly engineered for left or right handed door installation with self-closing hinges. It has stainless steel constructed hardware and a convenient two-tier glass shelving system.  Shower base not included. Click here to see more.



Neo-Round Corner Shower Enclosure

One of Sunny Shower’s offering made it to our list.  It is designed neo round with glass sliding shower doors. Has a thick 1/4″ clear glass panel with a  chrome finish Shower base not included. Can be bought with or without a base. There is even a frosted glass option!  Professional installation required.  Click here to see more.


VIGO 36 x 60 Frameless Rectangular
Sliding Shower Door Enclosure with Tempered Glass

VIGO has a couple of corner shower enclosures on our list – and for good reason.  This sleekly designed enclosure incorporates a frameless rectangular sliding shower, stainless steel hardware guaranteed not to rust with chrome finishing.  Throw a shower panel in there and you have your own oasis. Click here to see more.



DreamLine Elegance 30 in. W x 30 in. D x 72 in. H
Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure – Brushed Nickel

This frameless DreamLine Elegance model has a pivoting shower door than can be installed for right or left door opening to fit your specific layout.   It conveniently comes with two matching glass shelves.  In addition it includes DreamLine exclusive ClearMax water repellant and stain resistant glass coating adds superior protection from stains and is nearly maintenance-free. Can also come in Chrome and Bronze finishing.  Professional installation recommended.  Click here to see more.


Aston Vanora 34″ x 34″ x 72″
Hinged Shower Enclosure, Polished Chrome

Stylish and stately at the same time, Vanora is a completely frameless dual-door hinged square shower enclosure.  The doors are reversibly engineered for left or right handed door installation. Stainless steel constructed, corrosion-resistant hardware. Finished in polished chrome – Shower base not available for this collection. Click here to see more.


Aston SEN993-SS-36-10 Aquadica GS
Completely Frameless Square Hinged Shower Enclosure

Give your bathroom a refreshing, modern look with the Aquadica GS Completely Frameless Square Hinged Shower Enclosure with Shelves. Easy to install (all installation hardware included),  the Aquadica GS features tempered glass, stainless steel constructed hardware and multiple hardware finish options. It’s hinged door is designed for left or right hand installation and includes a two-tier glass shelving system for added functionality and convenience. Stainless Steel. Click here to see more.




VIGO VG6062CHCL36 Piedmont 36” x 36” inch
Clear Glass Corner Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

Seeking a luxury shower experience? This VIGO Piedmont has an attractive frameless neo-angle design.  It has a a central opening door that swings outwards for easy access, coupled with discrete stainless-steel hinges that soft-closes.   Access is reversible, with left or right-sided installation.  A solid brass reversible shower handle that also serves as a towel bar. In Chrome Finish.  Click here to see more.


DreamLine Unidoor Plus 46 in. W x 34 3/8 in. D x 72 in. H
Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure

We’ve saved the biggest for last. This DreamLine Unidoor Plus boasts measurements of  46 in. W x 34 3/8 in. D x 72 in. H.  It has a frameless hinged shower enclosure, with a single hinged door, one stationary panel and one return panel.  Access is reversible for right/left door opening installation with  solid brass self-closing hinges.  Clear Glass, Chrome. Shower base is not included.  Click for more info.  

Hopefully from our selections you’ve found a dshower enclosure to suit your style and budget. But there are other ways to get a steam experience. See how a  what a steam shower generator can  add to your bath experience.

How To Keep Your Glass Corner Shower Enclosure Clean

Courtesy of Pleasanton Glass Company

There are many outstanding benefits of frameless shower enclosures for your bathroom. Not only do they look stunning, they also have fewer metal components so are less likely to rust or break, and come in a wide variety of designs and door styles. Because of their simplicity in style and design, frameless shower doors are also much easier to keep clean. With a fresh modern look and easy to clean surface, a frameless shower enclosure gives your bathroom a light, airy, and open feel. Here we look at 4 easy ways to keep yours frameless shower glass spotlessly clean.

Keep Your Bathroom Ventilated

Because the design of a frameless glass shower door is naturally more simple than traditional shower enclosures, there are fewer nooks and crannies in which mold can develop. However, there is no way to avoid the buildup of mold and mildew in the shower area if your bathroom is poorly ventilated. Make sure that steam is able to adequately vent from your bathroom by opening a window during or after your showers. Another option for keeping the bathroom mold and mildew free is to have an exhaust fan installed; you’ll just want to work with your contractor to ensure that it’s the proper size for your bathroom.

Blue tinted frameless shower enclosure in a modern bathroom

Squeegee Every Day

One of the simplest ways to keep your shower door spotless is to squeegee at the end of every shower. While it might seem like a lot of work to do initially, running the squeegee over the glass generally only takes a few seconds and can prevent soap scum and water droplet stain buildup immediately. Keep a squeegee hanging in your shower and turn it into a habit to simply wipe down the wet side of your glass shower enclosure after every shower. This makes it easier to clean your glass shower doors from week to week, and also ensures it always looks spotless day to day.

Cleaning Spray

Wiping down your frameless glass shower enclosure with cleaning spray every week or two is the best way to keep them spotless. Windex is a popular and time-tested choice to keep glass clean and streak free. There are a number of other commercial shower and glass cleaners that you can use, along with more natural treatments like vinegar or baking soda. Talk to your glass shower enclosure provider to learn which shower cleaner is the safest and most effective for your glass shower enclosure.

Try a Magic Eraser

No, it’s not a new magical item of stationary. A magic eraser is a special type of sponge that has a unique fine consistency to gently buff away soap scum and dirt buildup. Magic erasers need no chemicals or cleaning solution to work, and are very effective at lifting soap scum and even mineral buildup. Magic erasers are perfect for less frequent cleaning jobs or for your occasional deep cleans. Because magic erasers require a bit of scrubbing and effort, they aren’t the easiest solution. But for the result you get, they are well worth the work you put in.

Frameless shower enclosures provide a stunning modern finish for your bathroom and are relatively easy to keep clean. Use these tips to keep your glass shower enclosure spotless and flawlessly clean with ease and simplicity.

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