The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Kitchen Decorating

The kitchen is a key area in any home, as it’s where the most basic activity of life goes on: preparing food. Kitchens are also a friendly place to gather, as the smell of great food being prepared, and the joy of cooking just naturally make people want to gather around to visit.

A pretty kitchen makes any gathering much more joyful, which is why it’s important to keep your kitchen looking bright and beautiful. Still, doing a major kitchen decor overall is a big job. To solve the problem you can search Google to find local professionals. Like, for example, if you live in Burlington Ontario you can search for Kitchen Renovation, Burlington.  But if you’re a DIYer here are a few easy decorating ideas for the kitchen that give you a lot of bang for the buck, and let your lazy-gal self take it easy.

Use the Kitchen as An Art Gallery

This idea is easier to pull off than it sounds. Kitchen walls are a great place to display art, and you can make a gallery effect by lining up a series of framed photos or art pieces in a row. If the pieces have physical links between them or linking look to them, so much the better. Cheap frames are easy to come by, and its amazing how good printed photos, or rough drawings look once framed.


Add Coordinating Colors

A pop of color in the kitchen can make a drab room look suddenly designer perfect, and all it takes is a can of paint and a little elbow grease. When choosing a color, be sure to keep in mind the color in the room that can’t be changed, like a stove or counter top color. Once you’ve painted, add decorative items in contrasting colors, to add extra interest. You can do just an accent wall, just paint the trim, or add a color into your backsplash. There are so many ways to incorporate a color into any kitchen.


Put Up Vintage Signs

Vintage signs are a great way to decorate easily and on budget. Search the Internet or favorite stores for fun old signs that go well with your kitchen size and color scheme. Even better, use some art, signs, or posters you already have. You can make things you already own look vintage with a great frame or added fade.


Add a Natural Touch

Sometimes an attention-getting accent is what sets a decor redo apart. Add extra interest by livening up your kitchen with natural pieces like a Sheepskin Town floor rug, indoor plants, more outdoor light or other natural accents. Natural textures and fabrics are cozy and sophisticated, and these unusual accents can make your kitchen really stand out. You can even use wicker baskets in the kitchen for holding cloth napkins and utensils.

A pretty kitchen is a joy forever, so use your creativity to make yours even prettier, the easy way!

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