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How to Create a Tiny Home From Recycled Materials

Nowadays, more people are becoming environmentally conscious in the way that they live their lives. With the tiny house movement in full effect, virtually anyone can build their own home simply by using recycled materials. If you are interested in building your own tiny house, here are some tips on how to get started.

Choosing a Base

The base or frame of your tiny home can be made traditionally using materials including wood, sheet metal or whatever other building materials you desire. You can build with a traditional concrete foundation and wooden frame, just on a much smaller scale. Many tiny home builders are using a trailer as the base for their dwelling. One of the many benefits of building a home this way is that you are able to move it if you need to. The downside to using a trailer hitch is that you are extremely limited in how big you are legally able to build on it.

Close Inspection

Recycled materials typically cost less than new ones for any construction or remodeling project, but you should inspect them before spending your money. This is especially true if you will be using recycled materials as a part of your home’s foundation since this needs to be as strong as possible. When inspecting wood, make sure that the pieces are intact and that there isn’t any rot or other damage. If you are using recycled glass, make sure there aren’t any small cracks or chips since those can spread especially during changes in temperature.

Be Creative

One of the most awesome benefits to building a tiny home is that it ignites creativity that is unsurpassed. When you combine having to think of ways to maximize such a small space with designing using recycled items, the possibilities can be infinite. Even if you aren’t the most creative person, using recycled materials can help you think of ideas that you didn’t know were possible.

Whether you are using recycled materials for your entire tiny home or just for the decorative pieces, you can pretty much do no wrong. As long as the structure is sound and secure, you can use virtually any materials that you like. Glass bottles can be used in window designs while old pipes can be turned into door handles. The choices are endless and they are indeed yours.

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