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One of the most depressing situations that seniors and the handicapped experience is confinement. Staying confined within four walls not only proves depressing to these individuals, but also drains them physically and emotionally. This is especially so when staying indoors is not necessary.

However, just how can the mobility of seniors and handicapped individuals be made easier? Well, some of these individuals use devices, such as walkers, to provide them with more balance when going outdoors. There is, however, a more convenient and efficient way in which handicapped individuals can safely go outdoors, than using walkers. This is through the use of an electric foldable all terrain wheelchair.

This article highlights the benefits of these types of wheelchairs, as well as the best reviewed foldable all terrain wheelchair that you should consider buying for yourself or your loved one:

Best Reviewed Electric Foldable All Terrain Wheelchairs

When it comes to purchasing an all terrain foldable wheelchair, there are a lot of options in the market. The following are 6 of the best reviewed electric foldable all terrain wheelchairs that should be at the top of your list when purchasing a wheelchair;

1.) Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Foldable Power Mobility Chair

The Sentire Med Forza FCX wheelchair combines 3 essential features in one package; sturdiness, strength and a lightweight design. It is usually easy to fold, and does not require any disassembling. Therefore, with this particular lightweight wheelchair, users are guaranteed to travel easy and light. It can be carried anywhere; in the car, on the train, on a plane, and even around the house. The foldability of the Forza FCX also makes it easier to store the wheelchair, as its compact design does not take up much space.

This motorized electric wheelchair is designed with a spacious storage under the seat. The seat is also built with a handle that can be reached easily and used to lift the seat. For added comfort, the seat is padded with a soft cushion, and also includes a back rest for supporting the back of the users. This seat cushion can be easily removed for washing.

The frame of the Forza FCX wheelchair is built using aluminium aircraft alloy material. This material not only makes the wheelchair highly durable, but also adds to its stylish design. The motorized wheelchair includes two high-powered motors of 250W each. These 2 motors provide great power to the wheelchair, allowing it to be used on all types of terrains, such as on snow, gravel and grass.

Sentire Med Deluxe Electric Wheelchair,600 W Peak Rapid Power Motor, Dual Battery, Up to 25 Miles - Lightweight Foldable, Compact and Portable - Motorized Mobility for Travel and All Terrain Use 2024
  • ✔ PORTABLE; Weighing a modest 67 lbs when loaded with two batteries, this ultra lightweight electric wheelchair is designed to go wherever the adventure takes you; What’s more, our clever motorized folding power chair features a smart folding design for easier transport; This portable wheelchair lightweight folding solution also features foldable padded footrest and armrests for extra comfort, compact for trunk space
  • ✔ POWER TO MOVE; Our all terrain wheelchair features a generous five inch ground clearance, allowing you to explore new destinations and go further with your travel wheelchair; With two 300 W peak brushless motors and a sharp turning radius, this premium folding wheelchair is built to go the distance
  • ✔ STRONG; This electric wheelchair from Sentire Med features a rock solid design with a lightweight durable aluminum frame; Our electric wheelchairs for adults feature anti tip wheels and 4 comfort suspension springs designed for all terrain ; When you need a lightweight folding wheelchair that will hold up under any conditions, choose Sentire Med
  • ✔ QUALITY; Each portable wheelchair has undergone stringent quality inspection and hundreds of hours of development with leading mobility experts; Our power wheelchair is crafted to the highest standards; The Sentire Med promise is this; if we wouldn’t use this motorized wheelchair ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • ✔EVERYTHING INCLUDED; Our foldable wheelchair comes with everything you need; This wheelchair for adults includes two TSA approved batteries, fast charger, a cup holder, cane hook as well as a side storage bag; Better still, Sentire Med’s lightweight electric wheelchair also comes with a backrest pocket and travel bag. You also get our A+ customer service with your purchase.

2.) Rubicon Extreme Sport Foldable Motorized Electric Wheelchair

One of the most outstanding features of the Rubicon Extreme Sport electric wheelchair is its flat free tyres. These are usually pneumatic tyres filled with semi-solid materials. Like their name suggests, these flat free tires don’t ever go flat, probably due to punctures and such-like cases. In addition, the pneumatic tyres act as shock absorbers, providing softer and smoother rides even on rough and bumpy paths.

The Rubicon Extreme Sport motorized electric motor is powered by brushless motors. These motors do not generate any friction. They, therefore, ensure a quiet and relaxing riding performance by the users. Also, these motors are better adapted and produce lesser heating than other types of motors, enhancing the performance of the Rubicon Extreme Sport wheelchair.

This wheelchair also incorporates the Intelligent electromagnetic technology. This technology functions to provide full braking power to the seniors and handicapped users. The technology also increases the overall lifespan of the braking system, sometimes even up to 10 times.

Furthermore, users can rest assured that this is a highly durable wheelchair guaranteed to provide them a lifelong service. Its durability is usually due to the silver-aluminium alloy material used to make the frame of the motorized wheelchair. Also, being a lightweight wheelchair, the Rubicon Extreme Sport motorized wheelchair requires no major maintenance.

Comfygo X-Lite Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs For Adults, Foldable Electric Wheelchair, Light Weight Power Chair For Seniors, Durable Ultra Light Wheel Chair, Silla De Ruedas Para Adultos
  • ★LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - New technology aircraft alloy grade aluminum alloy construction makes this an ultra light wheelchair, it weighs as low as 28 pounds without battery and it is extremely durable. Our light weight travel wheelchair is heavy duty and can easily carry 220 pounds. It comes total 400W dual engine and 10.4AH battery with 10 miles range gives you the freedom you seek.
  • ★ EASY TO HANDLE - New ComfyGo is Fold and Go, easy folds up in only 3 seconds and fits in most trunks easily. Our lightweight folding wheelchair is very convenient for storage, transport, and travel. The battery is removable and can charge separately. In addition, seat and back rest cushion can be easily removed for cleaning. No assembly required, good to go straight out the box.
  • ★ COMFORTABLE & STYLISH DESIGN - Our power wheelchair is implemented with premium quality mats on the seat and back rest with padded arms for a more comfortable fit and dependable support for adults. Elevated footrests keep legs rested for the elderly. This wheel chair for adults is designed to create the most visually ideal and functional wheelchair possible.
  • ★ ALL TERRAIN - The motorized wheelchair comes with 400W powerful motor. Will never fail you on grass, ramps, sand, mud, snow, bumpy roads, etc. Our new motor wheelchair is airline approved by most airlines. So, you will have all necessary safety features as a default. The very small turn radius ensures easy turning in narrow doorways. Safe to drive on all terrain.
  • ★ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We are not only selling mobility products; we are becoming a lifetime partner with our customers. We understand that by doing our job with our best, someone's life is changing positively. Wonderful warranty: 1-year frame, motor, spare parts, and 1-year battery warranty. As a US (California Based) Company we are giving gold standard 24x7 customer support for all our customers.

3.) Porto Mobility Ranger D09S XL Lightweight Folding Electric All Terrain Wheelchair

The Porto Mobility Ranger D09S XL wheelchair features a well crafted design, from its frame to its built-in features. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor navigation, providing excellent riding experiences in both scenarios. The included 33-inch turning radius feature makes it possible for users to navigate even through the tightest of spaces.
The front wheels of the Porto Mobility Ranger D09S XL are 8 inches wide, while those in the rear measure 12.5 inches. All these wheels are puncture-free, which means that the wheelchair can be safely ridden on off-road pavements and rough terrains. Also, these wheels ensure a smooth riding experience when the wheelchair passes through bumpy road surfaces.

This heavy-duty motorized wheelchair can be folded in seconds. Its lightweight design makes it possible for users to carry it to the outdoors. The motorized wheelchair has such an ideal light weight, such that it is even air traveling approved.

The Porto Mobility Ranger D09S XL wheelchair is also designed with additional storage under the seat. When dust or dirt accumulate on the built-in seat, both the seat and seat cover can be easily removed to be washed. The wheelchair package comes with a 1-year limited warranty for the joystick controller and motor, and a 3-year warranty for the frame.

Porto Mobility 2023 Ranger Maestro Reclining Lightweight High-End Folding Electric Wheelchair, Weatherproof, Dual Batteries, Infinitely Reclinable Back, Dual Posi-Traction Motors, All Terrain
  • RECLINABLE: Obtain the most comfort while driving with newly added 2 front shock observers(total of 4) or just resting in front of TV. Ranger Reclining Power Wheelchair equipped With A Unique Infinitely Adjustable Reclining Back Rest That Allows A User To Virtually Position Its Angle In Any Position From Fully Upright To Its Furthest Recline Position. (Optional Headrest & Leg Extension recommended)
  • LONG RANGE & Airline Approved: No more worries about how much battery will allow you to ride, Free 2nd battery comes with your chair stored and powered will provide you up to 18 Miles. You could go to places like Disney and drive your chair all day long you will stay
  • Excellent Turning Radius of Only 31 inches, This wheelchair literally turns on a dime, going thru tight spaces around kitchen and fitting thru standard doorways as well as elevator is an easy task. Dual Lithium batteries - fully recharged in a couple of hours Smart Touch joystick, good for both right and left-handed users. The Package includes: 1 Reclining Wheelchair + 2 Batteries +1 Joystick +1 Charger + 1 off-board cord + Storage Pouch + Mini Tool Kit + User Manual
  • Sturdy & Powerful: Ranger Reclining Power Wheelchair has the ability to easily and virtually effortlessly go over accessible curbs, through grass, and over rough surfaces. The Ranger Power Folding Wheelchair is naturally the smart choice.
  • Spectacular Customer Service during and after purchase. You do not have to worry about finding parts or where to fix. Will give you back your mobility freedom guaranteed or your money back. Warranty: 3 year for Frame, 1 Year for Motor, Controller and Battery)

4.) Forcemech Navigator – All Terrain Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Forcemech Navigator is a heavy-duty folding electric wheelchair. Its frame is built using the sturdy aluminium alloy material. This material not only adds to the durability of the power wheelchair, but also provides added support for safer riding experiences. The aluminium alloy material is also lightweight, which makes the wheelchair easier to carry around and to the outdoors. The entire Forcemech Navigator wheelchair structure weighs 53 lbs, excluding the batteries.

This all terrain electric wheelchair is foldable in seconds. When folded, it measures 26 inches by 13 inches by 31 inches. The folded motorized wheelchair can be easily fitted in car trunks, and even carried on planes and trains. Its foldability makes it an ideal wheelchair to buy, as it increases the mobility of the seniors and the disabled.
The Forcemech Navigator wheelchair is also designed with a turning radius of 33 inches. This turning radius allows users to navigate through small spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. The wheelchair is powered by 2 LFP lithium-ion batteries, and a 250W brushless DC electric motor. When fully charged, the wheelchair can attain a maximum distance range of 16 miles. This electric wheelchair is the most ideal wheelchair to use when riding on the roughest of roads, and the worst of weather conditions.

Forcemech Navigator - 2023 Model Wheelchairs for Adults - Foldable Electric All-Terrain (Yellow/Black, 38" x 25" x 37" Unfolded, 60 lbs.)
  • 2023 FLAGSHIP MODEL: Forcemech Navigator is the 6th generation model for our Navigator series of electric wheelchair. Dubbed as the king of power wheelchairs, it provides a travel speed of 4.5 mph and climbing slope of up to 12 degrees. Built with the same frame as the original navigator, this is also made with aluminum alloy body and polyurethane wheels. The seating area of this wheelchair model is 17" x 17". Unfolded, it measures 38" x 25" x 37".
  • RIDING FEATURES: This battery powered mobility chair provides great riding features on all terrains. It comes with a front shock absorption honeycomb tires for smooth and safe navigation. This electric powered wheelchair provides up to 397 pounds of weight capacity.
  • POWER SOURCE: Featuring dual Force-Max Li-ion NCM batteries, this wheelchair can travel to a distance of 16 miles without the need to recharge. The batteries are encased in an industrial-grade aluminum material for integrity and sturdiness. Its controller power input is AC 100-220V, 50-60Hz while its voltage and current output is DC 24V, 2A. It comes with a charger that could work in most countries.
  • USABILITY: When unboxing this mobility product, you will see that it is already pre-assembled. After attaching the all-direction joystick controller, our all terrain wheelchair is all set for operation. The joystick can be mounted on either the left or the right arm rest. This model also comes with an intelligent electromagnetic brake for safe navigation.
  • FIT FOR TRAVELING: Our foldable power wheelchairs make them terrific for traveling. Its arm rest may be lifted up for an easier transfer to and from different locations. It can also fit in most vehicles' trunks. Moreover, it is FAA air-travel approved, so you may take it on a cruise or vacation to the mountains or the beach! The best power wheel chairs for seniors or the disabled, you'll love the mobility and the freedom offered by our premium quality product.

5.) Exclusive Foldable Power All Terrain Wheelchair

This is a very lightweight motorized foldable wheelchair, weighing only 60 lbs (inclusive of the battery). It can be folded easily within just 5 seconds. The versatile wheelchair does not also require any disassembling. Therefore, seniors and other individuals limited in mobility can easily carry and use the wheelchair to whichever locations they go to. The foldability and lightweight design of the Exclusive Portable power wheelchair also makes it easy to store and transport.

The built-in chair of this particular wheelchair is also foldable. The seat can be easily lifted using the handle built under it. It is built using aluminium alloy material; a sturdy material which guarantees the long life service of the seat. However, it is not just the seat that is built using aluminium alloy material. The frame of the Exclusive Portable power wheelchair is also built using this material. This guarantees the high durability and sturdiness of the overall wheelchair structure.

A 13 AH lithium battery and 24V 500W motor provide enough driving power to the motorized wheelchair. The maximum speed that can be achieved by the Exclusive Portable power wheelchair is 4 MPH, while the maximum distance range covered is 13 miles. The lithium battery takes up to 6-8 hours to full charge.

Exclusive Portable Power Wheelchair, Lightweight, Foldable, Heavy Duty, Dual Motor,All Terrain Folding Electric Wheelchair  Airplane Ready Folding Electric Wheelchair
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT! It is just 72 lbs with a Lithium battery! The versatile wheelchair is assembled with Aluminum Alloy Foldable chair, 12AH Lithium battery, antiseptic, breathable seat and back cushions. - EASY TO STORE - Lightweight storage folding chair without disassembling. The electric wheelchair folds up in 5 seconds and is very compact to fit in most small trunks. Has a handle under the seat for easy lifting
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH - Smart silver aluminum aircraft alloy frame, includes matching footrests. This model power wheelchair is very lightweight and durable, and requires no maintenance.
  • COMFORT ON RUGGED TERRAIN - Ergonomically designed for comfort. Operate this motorized wheelchair in grass, gravel, or snow, with a long lasting battery life and shock absorber for ride comfort. Has a sharp turning radius, make sharp turns easily.
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKE! Stops smooth and super safely. 24V 500W Motor, Max 4 mph, Range: 10 Miles, Charging Time: 6-8 hours. Front Wheels: 8 inches, Back Wheels: 13 inches. Seat: 17x16x21 inches.
  • LIFETIME QUALITY ENSURANCE ensures this will quickly become your favorite purchase and perfect for airplane or cruise traveling needes.

6.) ZYK Lightweight Foldable Electric All Terrain Wheelchair

If you want to ensure that you always travel light and easy, then this is an ideal wheelchair for you. The ZYK electric wheelchair usually folds in seconds, and does not need to be assembled. In order to collapse it, the user is simply required to release the lock, then press the built-in seat.

Also, the frame of this foldable wheelchair is built using the lightweight aluminium alloy material. The folding and lightweight features of the ZYK electric wheelchair make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. The overall weight of this wheelchair is airline friendly, hence, seniors and other handicapped individuals can conveniently transport this wheelchair on planes.

The ZYK foldable electric wheelchair includes a rechargeable lithium battery. This battery provides great power to the wheelchair, covering long distance ranges of up to 38 ± 5 km per charge. More so, the built-in seat is designed with a backrest which can be easily tilted to reduce strain on the users back and buttocks. This particular wheelchair can be used for all terrains; grass, muddy, ramps, snow, brick and other bumpy terrains.

The Benefits of Having an Electric Foldable All Terrain Wheelchair

Folding electric wheelchairs are also referred to as power wheelchairs. These are usually designed in such a way that they can be easily folded into compact designs. Their disassembling is also quite simple, taking just a few minutes. Also, the foldability of these wheelchairs makes them very portable, such that users can easily carry them in the car trunk, and use these to visit whichever places they like.

Usually, electric foldable all terrain wheelchairs are built using lightweight materials. Their lightweight design makes it easier to carry these into and out of car trunks. Seniors, or disabled individuals, can even carry the wheelchair themselves without requiring any assistance from others.

Another outstanding aspect about the electric foldable all terrain wheelchairs is that; these feature a lower center of gravity, as compared to manual wheelchairs. The lower center of gravity of these types for wheelchairs add to their stability, such that these rarely stumble or tip over. This additional stability and support is especially important when moving on rough terrains, or during braking, when accidental rolling tends to happen. Therefore, the electric foldable all terrain wheelchairs make the safer option for seniors and the handicapped.

Electric foldable wheelchairs make places more accessible for the disabled and the aged. These can be used both outdoors and indoors. More so, when going to the outdoors, users are not limited to particular terrains or trails. These wheelchairs are built such that they can be used on all types of terrains, without risking mechanical damage or the safety of the users. Also, where the terrains are quite bumpy and uncomfortable, these types of wheelchairs are designed in such a way that they provide smooth and comfortable rides to the seniors or disabled.

More so, these power wheelchairs usually provide users with a tight turning radius. Hence, seniors and the disabled can easily negotiate smaller spaces and turns. In simple terms, the electric foldable all terrain wheelchair does not limit users on where or where not to go. Rather, it allows these to venture off road on paths, as well as reach heights and steep inclines that other manual wheelchairs cannot. Indeed, this is the best gift that you could give to yourself, or a senior/handicapped loved one.

Features of Modern Motorized Foldable Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs, and other devices used for aiding mobility, are an important part of life for seniors and the handicapped. Therefore, before you can settle on which wheelchair to buy, you should first ensure that the wheelchair will be able to provide the best service to the user. After all, a wheelchair can help to improve the quality of life of the user, or even make it more complicated; it all depends on the choice.

In order to ensure that you choose the most ideal modern motorized foldable wheelchair, look out for the following 7 features before making your purchase:

1.) Speed
The most recommended motorized foldable wheelchairs reach maximum speeds of approximately 5 km/hr. This speed is very convenient, as it allows the users to engage in different activities at a walking speed.

2.) Lightweight and Compact Design
When folded, motorized foldable wheelchairs take up very little space. The storage space taken by these types of wheelchairs is usually less than that taken by a mobility scooter. Their compactness makes these easier to carry to the outdoors, as they can be easily transported in car trunks. More so, the motorized foldable wheelchairs are usually very easy to assemble and disassemble, with these processes not requiring much effort.

3.) Maneuverability
Motorized foldable wheelchairs are not just meant to be used at the outdoors, but also at the indoors. Therefore, these are usually designed in such a way that they are easy to maneuver and control. Motorized wheelchairs feature very user-friendly interfaces that are easy for seniors and the disabled to understand, and also offer easy transportation that does not require much effort from the users.

4.) Comfortable Seats
Longer riding periods may mean more back strain for the seniors, and even for some handicapped individuals. In order to eliminate any possible development of back strains and aches, the seats of motorized foldable wheelchairs are built with a backrest. This backrest provides more support to the back of the users during riding, such that it is does not get strained. Also, the seats of these wheelchairs are usually padded, so as to ensure more comfortable longer riding experiences.

5.) Stability
The motorized foldable wheelchairs are sturdy and very stable types of wheelchairs. Their great stability is due to the materials used to make the frames and their overall structure. Also, their high-power motors and batteries give the motorized foldable wheelchairs greater ground clearance, such that seniors and the disabled can safely ride them on all types of terrains, and for longer distances.

6.) Lights and Indicators
The best modern motorized foldable wheelchairs allow users to ride these outdoors, and on all types of trails. They are usually fitted with light and indicators, which function to illuminate the paths taken by the seniors or disabled. These lights and indicators especially come in handy when the users are riding on dark off-road trails, or during the night.

The seniors and handicapped can also turn on the indicators when making turns on the main/city roads. With these lights and indicators, seniors and the disabled can easily look out for dangerous paths and situations.

7.) Warranty
This goes with saying; the best motorized foldable wheelchairs come with a warranty. Buying a motorized wheelchair is a big investment that calls for you to spent quite a substantial amount of money and time. Warranties help to ensure that the purchases are up to the mark, and they are worth the investment. Therefore, avoid brands and wheelchair companies that offer no warranties; always go for those that offer warranties of at least 1 year.

How to Safely Enjoy your Motorized Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Motorized foldable electric wheelchairs can offer users great fun and enjoyment, but only when used properly. On the other hand, unsafe use of these wheelchairs could lead to their getting damaged, or even lead to accidents at times. So, how can you ensure the safety of both yourself, and your power wheelchair?

The following are tips on how to safely enjoy your motorized foldable electric wheelchair:

 Read the user manual – Upon receiving your motorized foldable electric wheelchair, it is highly recommended that you first read the entire user manual and instructions. The user manual usually contains essential information on how to safely maneuver and operate your electric wheelchair. It also contains information on the maximum travel distances that the wheelchair can attain. Therefore, reading the user manual before riding your wheelchair will help you avoid becoming stranded or overworking the foldable wheelchair.

 Always ensure safe chair operations – The built-in seats for power wheelchairs tend to be cumbersome and heavy. Due to this, the seats can easily tip during certain circumstances. Reading the given instructions on chair operation can help you avoid tipping your chair during these circumstances. Also, whenever you are on the wheelchair, keep your hands, feet, legs and arms within the framework of the built-in seat. Doing so helps to keep the chair sturdy.

 Always use the safety seat belt provided – The seat belt incorporated into a motorized foldable wheelchair is similar to the seat belt included in automobiles. Each time you ride the wheelchair, fasten the seat belt. Fastening the seat belt helps to protect the users from falls and other related accidents.

 Avoid busy cross walks and streets – Motorized foldable wheelchairs offer such great stability and mobility. However, these types of wheelchairs don’t really generate high speeds. As a result of their reduced speeds, when riding through busy streets, the wheelchairs may leave users stuck on the road when the lights change. Therefore, seniors and the handicapped would do well to avoid riding on such busy streets and paths.

 Use driveways or curb cuts to venture into a sidewalk – Some motorized wheelchair riders tend to maneuver over curbs, so as to get on a particular sidewalk. This is, however, not recommended, as it could lead to more complications and even accidents. So, unless yours is a motorized foldable wheelchair designed to scale steps and curbs, always use driveways or curb cuts to get on a particular sidewalk.

 Be cautious when around children – Young children are usually playful and very curious. If not careful, these could reach out and grab the control unit, in turn causing the motorized wheelchair to start moving. Therefore, always exercise extra caution when around young ones.

 When riding on an incline, steer up or down – Riding across an incline could cause the motorized wheelchair to fall over sideways. Therefore, whenever you are riding on an incline, always ensure that you steer up or down. Also, if your wheelchair is designed with casters at the front part, avoid riding on paths that tilt to a particular side, as this could lead to the wheelchair rolling off the paths to the embankments.

 Carry out periodic maintenance – This is an essential part, if you are to ensure the durability of your wheelchair. Carry out minor maintenance activities daily, and major maintenances on a weekly basis. Also, have a professional look into your wheelchair at least once in every 3 months, especially if you regularly use your wheelchair.


If, as an handicapped individual or a senior, you are looking to improve the quality of your life, then you only need to do one thing; get yourself an electric foldable all terrain wheelchair. Yet, this does not mean that you get yourself just any electric foldable wheelchair. The 6 above discussed electric foldable all terrain wheelchairs are the most recommended wheelchairs that you can get. When you settle for one of this, you can rest assured that the confinement you feel will only be a matter of the past; you will be lost in your newfound independence and freedom!

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