Check Out These Fat Tire Folding Electric Bikes

The Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bikes

Have you ever rode a regular bike on a rough terrain or irregular ground? If you have, then you can agree that the ride was too bumpy and uncomfortable. More so, finding adequate parking space for regular bikes can also prove to be challenging, as these types of bikes tend to occupy a lot of space.

However, you do not really have to endure all those bumpy rides, or the stress of finding adequate parking space. The invention of fat tire folding electric bikes has made it possible for riders to enjoy smooth rides, free from all those inconveniences. These bikes not only provide a faster and comfortable riding experience, but can also be easily parked or stored in tight spaces, such as under the desk. Indeed, no other type of bike can beat the convenience of the fat tire folding electric bike.

Fat tire bikes, also referred to as fat bikes, are off-road bicycles, built with oversized tires that make it possible for users to ride smoothly on unstable terrains, such as through mud, sand, heavy snow and bogs. These oversized tires are usually built with a minimum length of 3.8 inches, with the rims having dimensions of 2.16 inches or more.

Now more than ever, more and more companies are working to build the best fat tire folding electric bikes. With all the wide range of options to choose from, finding the most ideal fat tire bike can prove quite daunting for you. This article discusses the best fat bikes that you can go for, as well as the associated benefits that these have to offer. Read on!


1.) I·PAS Rattan Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Rattan Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike uses the I-PAS technology (that is, the Intelligent Power Assist System). This technology works to increase the functionality, efficiency and energy-saving aspect of the built-in motor. This, in turn, leads to the extension of the life of the Rattan’s Fat Tire battery and motor. The included fat tires of the Rattan folding electric bike are multi-tooth, having dimensions of 3.0 inches × 20 inches.


  • Due to the incorporated I-PAS technology, the Rattan Fat Tire bike usually covers a longer mileage, as compared to other electric bikes. Under the most ideal conditions, this folding electric bike can cover up to 80 miles.
  • The Rattan Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is designed with an LCD backlit screen, which clearly displays essential riding data and statistics, such as the power, speed and mileage covered, among other essential data.
  • The included LCD backlit screen is also large enough (4.3 inches), such that riders can easily see and keep track of their statistics while riding.
  • It is built with a 48V 500W brushless motor. The great power of this gear motor allows riders to achieve the highest of speeds, reaching maximum speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.
  • The fat tire folding electric bike is also powered by high quality 13 AH lithium batteries, which offer both a high quality and stable bike performance.
  • More so, these lithium batteries allow users to achieve either of the two riding modes; the PAS mode (speeds of up to 60 to 80 miles), or the Electric mode (speeds of up to 40 miles).
  • The multi-tooth fat tires of the Rattan folding electric bike are anti-skid, and easily adapts to sand, snow and other complex topographies. Therefore, the bike can be safely used for all weather conditions, even for climbing mountains.
  • It is designed with a bright headlight and rear light, which clearly illuminate dark paths, and also allow riders to use the bike during the night.



  • The Rattan Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike package does not come with any instructions or a manual.
  • The brakes of the Rattan bike can be squeaky at times.

2.) Eahora X7 PRO 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Eahora X7 PRO 500W Fat Tire bike has one of the strongest and most durable builds. Its frame is built using 100% 7071 aluminium alloy frame, which adds to the sturdiness of the entire structure. The material used to make the front fork of the electric bike is also resistant to rusting. The Eahora folding electric bike, therefore, is not affected by moisture and other conditions that could cause corrosion. Its belt clip saddle can support large weights of up to 330 lbs.


  • This fat tire folding bike is built with CST tires of 20 × 4.0 inches dimension. These high quality tires feature an outstanding shock absorption, which makes riding a more comfortable experience.
  • The CST tires of the Eahora X7 PRO bike also provide users with an anti-puncture performance. Hence, this bike can be used safely for mounting climbing, and on other rough or irregular terrains.
  • It supports faster speeds and longer distances than other regular electric bikes. This is due to the high power 500W motor and 48V 10.4 AH battery incorporated into the electric bike. (The motor is built into the rear of the bike).
  • The large capacity Samsung battery is concealed into the compartments. The fact that the Samsung battery of the Eahora folding electric bike is concealed in these compartments makes the bike more waterproof.
  • It includes the PAS riding mode, which offers riders pedal assistance of 3 different levels.
  • The Eahora X7 PRO electric bike also features the Eco mode. This particular mode provides the bike users with a range of up to 45 miles. Riders can, therefore, use these bikes for either commuting to work or for traveling adventures.
  • This fat tire folding electric bike features an exclusive E-PAS system. This system ensures the durability and long life of both the bike’s battery and motor, by recharging the power back to the battery each time higher speeds of more than 13 MPH are attained, or the PAS levels are 0/1.
  • The built-in Shimano M310 derailleurs allow users to shift the 7 different speeds of the bike very smoothly and accurately.



  • The Eahora X7 PRO bike package comes with only a link for an instruction video, but not a written manual.
  • It does not offer any customer service.
Eahora X7 750W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike 48V Snow Beach Electric Bikes for Adults Dual Disc Brakes, Full Suspension, Removable Lithium Battery, E-PAS Recharge System, 7-Speed Gears
  • 🚲【STRONG EBIKE BODY】100% forged 7071 aluminum alloy frame + enhanced rust-proof front fork. 30.8mm aluminum high-end belt clip saddle can withstand 330lbs. CST 20*4.0 tyres is more comfortable with outstanding shock absorption, anti-puncture performance. It help increase mountain climbing ability, mileage and greater terrain adaptability.
  • 🚲【FASTER & FARTHER】A large capacity Samsung 48V 10.4Ah concealed battery compartments make X7 more waterproof, the 500W rear-drive motor and intelligent LCD display and controller form the electronic system of the X7. Valuing the core components to provide excellent quality performance and will help you reach 28mph with ease. PAS offers 3 levels of pedal assistance and X7 has a range up to 45 miles in Eco mode. Please enjoy both work commuting and travel adventures.
  • 🚲【EXCLUSIVE E-PAS SYSTEM 】The 500W ECO motor and intelligent controller is connected with E-PAS system. The E-PAS system recharge power back to battery when PAS level is 0 / 1 and speed exceeds 13mph. As you enjoy the downhill glide and speed of passion, E-PAS effectively extends the life of the motor and battery and allows your bike to have 55 miles trip distance, even more.
  • 🚲【SHIFTER AND BRAKES】Shimano 7 speed shifter and Shimano M310 derailleurs provide accurate and smooth shifting ensure that your drivetrain is responsive for a long time while. 3 working modes:E-bike, PAS and Pedaling mode options. Front and rear disc brake system with for a more comfortable and safe riding experience.
  • 🚲【FOCUS ON EVERY UNIT】M5 intelligent IP65 waterproof digital display shows more you want. Thumb throttle, 5W bright headlight, horn, soft saddle and easy-control grip. Each part is carefully selected and have been rigorously tested to high quality. Absolutely we have a 24 hours online support team behind you if you need any help.


3.) DJ Folding Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle

This is an all-purpose folding electric bike. The high quality components used to build it makes it possible for riders to use the bike on all types for terrains, whether smooth or bumpy. However, durability is not the only advantage provided by the DJ folding bike. This fat tire electric bike is also very easy to use, has a clean-looking design, and provides a smooth, quiet riding experience. All types of riders can comfortably use the DJ fat tire folding bike; whether for sport purposes, casual riding or commuting to work.



  • The cheaper and budget-friendly price of the DJ folding bike makes it one of the most affordable high quality fat tire electric bikes you can find in the market.
  • It is built with an integrated headlight, which allows users to comfortably ride at night and though off-road trails.
  • The electric bike is also designed with a suspension, which functions to absorb shocks and promote a less bumpy and comfortable riding experience.
  • The built-in 48V LG battery is built with a safety design. This designs allows the battery to be easily dismounted and charged at any location while riding, without it being over-charged.
  • The DJ folding electric bike package comes with all the essential bike parts and accessories. This saves the bikers any additional costs that they would have incurred purchasing these accessories separately.
  • Its frame is built using stainless aluminium, which is a heavy-duty and sturdy material. Hence, the aluminium frame promotes the stability and overall durability of the DJ fat tire folding electric bike.
  • The folding electric bike features a high power 750W motor. The great power of this motor can even be extended to a peak power of 1000W, allowing riders to ride comfortably on long and steep hills.
  • The DJ bike company boast a US certification, which means that its folding electric bikes can be trusted to pass the highest quality and safety standards.



  • The DJ folding bike lacks any push-in foldable pedals, as is included in most of the other folding electric bikes.
  • The screws of the bike tend to get loose easily, requiring regular re-tightening.
DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle, Pearl White, LED Bike Light, Suspension Fork and Shimano Gear
  • CERTIFICATION: DJ Bikes proudly being the bike shop passing the highest safety and quality standard recognized by industries and consumers in both the US and Canada. The bike frame, motor, battery pack, and charger all meet respective standards.
  • STRONG POWER: 750W extending to 1000W peak power motor and battery empowers you getting any up long, steep hills.
  • EXCELLENT PRICE: Direct to customers. All parts and accessories are included in the offer. Save gas and parking for a quick payback.
  • HIGH QUALITY & WARRANTY: Stainless sporty aluminum frame, Bafang motor, Mozo suspension fork, Shimano gear and Tektro brakes as mainstream components. Manufacturer warranty applied.
  • CANADIAN BRAND: DJ Bikes is a proud and warm Canadian brand. You will get excellent service and support that you need.

4.) Eahora X5 Pro Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

If you are looking for a folding electric bike that is not only strong but also stylish, then the Eahora X5 Pro would be the ideal bike for you. What’s even better; this particular electric bike provides users with all these advantages, while still remaining a cost-effective fat tire folding bike. The high strength of the Eahora X5 Pro bike is due to the front alloy suspension built into the frame of the electric bike. This bike can support a maximum load capacity weight of 330 lbs.



  • The folding frame of the Eahora X5 Pro electric bike is resistant to corrosion. This makes it a highly durable bike, providing a longer service life to users.
  • The anti-slip and anti-punture systems make it possible for riders to cycle the bike safely and comfortably on all types of terrains.
  • Its all-terrain tires are designed in such a way that they effectively absorb shocks. Hence, riders can cycle smoothly on rough roads without feeling the bumpy state of the trails.
  • The Eahora X5 Pro bike can be easily folded and stored in areas that are tight in space. The foldability aspect of this bike also makes it easier to carry and move around.
  • The 500W brushless motor built into the rear of the bike provides high speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.
  • Riders of the Eahora X5 Pro bike can easily shift speeds and save energy using the switching gears and twist throttle of the fat tire electric bike. These speed shifters also support both the pedal assist and electric modes.
  • It is designed with a 48V 10.4A battery, concealed in the frame of the folding electric bike. This battery can be easily removed and recharged at any location.
  • The 48V 10.4A battery offers a long life service of more than 1,000 recharges.
  • The electronic system of this particular fat tire folding bike consists of an intelligent LCD display, which conveniently shows the essential riding statistics of users, such as the speed and total miles covered.



  • The Eahora X5 Pro bike cannot adjust to gear level 8.
  • The brakes of this folding electric bike tend to squeeze.

5.) COTRIC Electric Fat Tire Folding Bike

The COTRIC Electric Fat Tire Folding Bike has a very lightweight design, with an overall bike weight of 51.51 lbs. This lightweight design, adding to the foldability of the fat tire bike, make it easier and convenient to carry and store the bike. The lithium cell battery of the bike takes a duration of 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. Its package comes with both a walk assist model and a pedal assist. The COTRIC Electric folding bike can support a maximum rider weight of 132 lbs.



  • This fat tire folding bike incorporates a high-powered 500W motor. This powerful motor provides a strong driving force to the bike, enabling riders to reach maximum speeds of up to 20 MPH.
  • The 36V 12 AH lithium battery supports very high speeds of 18 to 23 miles per charge.
  • The 7 different speeds of the COTRIC Electric folding bike also make it possible for the bike users to achieve even the most challenging riding activities, such as mountain climbing.
  • The 20 by 4.0 inch fat tires of this bike are anti-skid, such that the bike can be ridden even on snowy grounds, sandy areas, and other complex topographies.
  • The aluminium frame of the COTRIC Electric Bike guarantees the durability and sturdiness of the overall bike.
  • For added safety and security during riding, this fat tire folding electric bike is designed with two braking systems; a mechanical and outage braking system.



  • Since the COTRIC electric folding bike is not a professional sporting bike, it cannot support very steep and long climbing sports.

6.) YAMEE Fat Bear 48V 500W 20Inch Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike

The Mukkpet Store specializes in manufacturing high quality and budget-friendly E-bikes. One of their most popular creation is the YAMEE Fat Bear folding electric bike. Unlike most other regular bikes which support only particular terrains, the YAMEE Fat Bear bike can be ridden on all types of terrains, whether gravel, or sand, or off-road trails, or city streets, or even on rail trails. These bikes also offer faster and longer distance riding experiences.


  • The YAMEE Fat Bear electric bike is designed with a very powerful system, which features a 48V 500W motor. This high power brushless motor allows riders to reach maximize speeds of between 25 to 28 miles per hour.
  • The power system of this folding electric bike also features an 11.6 AH Samsung lithium battery. For every battery charge, the YAMEE bike can reach long distance ranges of up to 80 miles, under ideal conditions.
  • The aluminium alloy material used to make the folding frame of the bike is light in weight. Hence, the electric bike can be easily carried outdoors for a more adventurous riding experience.
  • Also, since aluminium alloy is a sturdy material, it aluminium frame adds to the durability and stability of the YAMEE Fat Tire bike.
  • It is designed with a beautifully colored LCD display, which clearly displays Important user statistics during riding.
  • This fat tire folding electric bike is designed with the I-PAS technology. The regeneration of this technology helps to boost the efficiency of the bike’s motor and battery.
  • The YAMEE Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike package comes 99% assembled. The assembling process of the remaining 1% is very easy, taking only a couple of minutes.
  • Its package includes a 2-year limited warranty, which guarantees the high quality of the folding electric bike.



  • Despite the fact that the battery is hidden in the bike compartments, the YAMEE Fat Tire bike can still not be ridden in the rain. Doing so can lead to the damaging of its parts.

7.) SDU Foldable Electric Bike SDREAM S500

The SDU foldable electric bike SDREAM is a very trustworthy type of E-bike. This folding bike usually comes pre-assembled, saving riders a lot of time and money which would have otherwise been spent looking for stores to assemble it. The SDU SDREAM foldable bike is also designed with a minimalist shape design, which enables riders to attain more power with a lesser peddling activity. The package of this electronic bike comes with a 1-year limited warranty, applicable to the bike’s battery, charger, controller, motor and dashboard.



  • The full suspension system, as well as the large dimensions of the bike’s fat tires (4.0 inches by 20 inches), allow users to comfortably ride on off-roads and on bumpy trails.
  • A single charge of the 500W motor enables the bike to cover distances of up to 35 miles.
  • The bike is designed with a Shimano speed gear system, which riders can use to easily switch between the 7 speeds provided by the bike.
  • The battery of the folding bike can be easily locked in, as well as easily removed for recharging at home or in the office.
  • The frame of the SDU foldable electric bike is designed with a streamlined shape, which promotes a smoother and quiet riding experience.
  • It has a compact folding design, which makes its storage much more convenient and easier.



  • The highest speed limits which can be attained by the SDU SDREAM bike is 20 MPH, which is quite low compared to other electric bikes.


The Benefits of a Folding Bike

A while back, folding bikes used to be heavy and hard-to-ride types of bikes. However, with the great advancement in technology, folding bikes have been improved to become super compact types of bikes that offer users countless benefits.

First and foremost, folding bikes are very easy to transport. Their foldability allows users to easily fold them into a compact state, and take these with them wherever they go. Also, these types of bikes can be folded and fitted easily on buses and car boots. Therefore, commuters living in the city suburbs can benefit a lot from a folding bike. These commuters would just have to cycle to the station, rather than take their car with them, which usually proves to be very costly in the long run.

Also, when folding bikes are folded into compact sizes, they take up very little space. This makes them very convenient to store, unlike the regular bikes which take up large parking spaces. For example, folding bikes can be stored under the bed, in the wardrobe, or even under an office work desk.

The fact that folding bikes can be easily folded and carried as compact bikes makes them more secure. They are rarely left at risky places, where they can be stolen or damaged. Also, unlike with most non-foldable bikes, with a folding bike you don’t have to go through the hustle of chaining up the bike in parking lots, or tying it to a lamppost.

Furthermore, folding bikes have a higher second-hand resale value in the market. Contrary to the other types of bikes whose sale value can depreciate to even more than half of their original value, the value of the folding bikes rarely depreciates with passing time. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you buy a folding bike today and decide to sell it in a couple of years, you won’t undergo much loss.

The Benefits of an Electric Bike

Commonly known by the acronym E-bikes, electric bikes have become the major green transportation in the world. Cycling using electric bikes is ‘green’ in that; these types of bikes are very environmental-friendly and eliminate any pollution associated with other forms of transportation.

Electric bikes also offer more personalized benefits. For instance, these types of bikes are designed with a battery-powered machine commonly known as a ‘pedal assist.’ These ‘pedal assist’ machines work to give riders a boost in their peddling. In turn, this assisted biking helps to reduce stress, as well as the tensions on the thighs and knees of the riders.

Electric bikes also tend to be very fast and flexible. The modern technology incorporated in their structure gives these bikes enough power to cover longer distance miles, while requiring lesser effort on the part of the riders. And, these types of bikes provide such speeds and flexibility with a quiet and smooth performance.

For those who love working out, the electric bike is an ideal exercising equipment that these can use. Electric bikes offer just as good fitness capabilities and advantages as those offered by other regular bikes. Despite the fact that cycling using an electric bike is usually pedal assisted, these E-bikes still make good workout equipment, offering users health, physical and mental benefits.

Also, using electric bikes is a perfect way to cut back on expenses. For instance, using an E-bike in place of a motor vehicle saves users a lot of money, which would’ve otherwise been spent paying for expensive gas fuel, petrol or diesel. More so, electric bikes are usually powered by long lasting batteries, which go for very budget-friendly prices in the market. This, adding to the idea that electric bikes could just be the future of transportation, makes these the most ideal bikes to go for.

The Benefits of Fat Tires on a Bike

Owning a bike that has fat tires is becoming the popular trend today. What makes these fat tires so special? Well, one most outstanding thing about fat tire bikes is that they allow riders to seek whichever adventures they want. These large fat tires provide stability and balance to riders, which in turns gives the users the confidence to be adventurous.

Fat tires also make bike riding more fun. They allow bikers to ride at different speeds, both fast and slow. The excitement that these fat tire bikes bring can be compared to the excitement that people feel when they learn how to ride a bike for their very first time.

More so, fat tires on a bike make it more comfortable. Their large volumes exert low pressure on the tires, such that these act as the bike’s shock absorbers. As shock absorbers, the fat tires absorb any vibrations caused by bumpy rides and rough terrains, promoting a smoother and comfortable riding experience. Also, the efficient shock absorption by these fat tires reduces the stress impact on the rider’s lower back and hands.

Contrary to what most people think, fat tires are much easier to ride than regular tire bikes. This is because; the fat tires provide more control and balance to riders, making it even possible for riders to comfortably ride.

Fat tires also offer users the major advantage of versatility. With a fat tire bike, riders can go wherever they prefer, irregardless of the terrain or state of the ground. Although originally intended to be used over snow regions, fat tire bikes can be used conveniently on sand, gravel, mud, rocky paths, dirt, muddy grounds and rough pavements. In other words, fat tires on bikes make it possible for riders to enjoy cycling during all types of weathers and seasons!


They say that; you can only know the world if you go out and explore it. And, the best way to explore the world and enjoy nature is with a bike; bikes are neither too slow, not too fast. However, it is not just any bike that can guarantee a fun experience and adventure. You need to choose an ideal bike that doesn’t limit you on where to go. The 8 above discussed fat tire folding electric bikes make the best bikes you can buy. So, get yourself one of these bikes today, and let your fun adventure begins!

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