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Best Corner Grab Bars For Your Bathroom

Grab Bars

shower grab barGrab bars are a handy and many times necessary addition to any home. Especially for older and disabled users it helps them to navigate safely throughout their home. But more specifically, for particular activities like entering and leaving their bathtub or using the bathroom, grab bars can help them to be secure and safe in their activity. There are different types of grab bars based on need. In some places these hand rail assists can be suction enabled, for temporary and mobile uses. In some cases these grab bars are incorporated with a corner shelf making it practical in more ways than one. And there are those bathroom bars that move out the way when not in use. So, depending on your need, there’s a grab bar for you.

The Practicality and Benefits of Grab Bars

Grab Bars are devices specifically made for safety purposes. They assist an individual in maintaining balance, lessening weariness when standing, or assisting the person not to slide over a slippery floor. A nurse or a caregiver at some instances can use a grab bar to help a patient walk over a watery or a skiddy ground. These have become a necessity in bathroom safety products.

Benefits of Grab Bars

Grab bars are very useful in improving the stability of an individual from having a fall which can be precarious. They can support an individual when entering or leaving a bathroom due to the slipperiness of the floor. Grab bars can assist persons with disability especially people with weak knees by acting as a pivot and reducing the tension of walking on a slippery ground. Grab bars are very useful to the elderly because they provide the additional stability required to lift themselves from the toilet or bathroom. They are also used at banks and other public establishments over the floors which are slippery to assist the disabled, and the elderly walk on the floor comfortably.

Different Types of Grab Bars

A Vertical Pull Grab Bar: this is an amazing grab bar to use for different locations which include; living room, bathroom, and bedroom. It has an adjustable length and usually has a grab which is curved. It highly assists people to rise up when they are seated.

Horizontal Grab Bar: it is often used to assist members of the family who are disabled or elderly. Horizontal grab bar reduces instances of accidents at the toilet, bathroom, or kitchen.

Clamp-on Safety Bar: this is a grab bar which is not permanently installed in a place over a long period of time. It can be removed with time due to circumstances and situation especially when a disabled or an old person has visited a particular home.

The Benefits of Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars reduces potential injuries that are to occur due to the slipperiness or tenderness of the floor. Sometimes a floor usually catches some soap foams or a shampoo fluff when one is bathing. This can really make a floor to be so slippery resulting to dangerous falls which can result in breaking of the spinal cord.

These bathroom handrails are designed and engineered by the makers for improving stability in the bathroom. This grab-able support assists an individual to go in and out of the bathroom in a stable manner without sliding.

Bathroom grab bars empowers the user not to be so dependent on other people by being supported when entering or leaving the bathroom. It is sometimes intimidating to some people when seeking assistance when in the toilet or a bathroom. Bathroom grabs are always the best to be installed for the elderly, weak, and disabled people who cannot work comfortably on a slippery floor.

Advantages of Suction Grab Bars

Suction grab bars are purposely made to boost the confidence of the user when walking at different places. The advantages of suction bars are suction grab barnumerous in number. They include:

  • Being useful in improving the confidence of a patient when walking on a slippery ground.
  • Highly portable hence the user can move with them when he or she is visiting different locations within a building or room.
  • They improve the user in maintaining balance. This makes it safer and easier when an individual is going in and out of the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, or sitting room.
  • Assists a person when he or she feels very weak or tied when walking or standing. They support so the user so they don’t abruptly fall down and get injured by sharp objects like stones, or thorns. It is advisable when an individual feels weak to hold on the suction grabs firmly.

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Advantages of Shower Grab Bars and their Importance to the Elderly

Shower grab bars reduce the rate of injuries that occur in the bathroom. They support a person when he or she feels the floor is slippery by holding onto the grab bar firmly. Statistics have shown that shower grab bars have reduced the rate of injuries that occur in the bar by 80%.

These shower bar boost the stability of the user when bathing in the bathroom. Sometimes a person may feel so weak, unconscious, or an incident of getting unconscious in the bathroom. It is the task of the shower grab bars to give support to the user at that urgent time.

These bath handrails support the elderly because their muscles and bones are sometimes too weak to stand for a long time. These bathtub safety products have really reduced the rate of fractures and breaking of spinal cords for the elderly at a higher margin compared to old days when there were no safety bars for the bathrooms elderly.

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The Importance of Toilet Grab Bars

They are a number of benefits that are attributed to toilet grab bars. These include:

Toilet support rails are very useful especially to the disabled, elderly, or the weak. They act as a pivot when an individual feels like falling down in the toilet. They are engineered and designed purposely to increase safety purposes in the toilets.

Toilet handicap rails help the user to maintain balance especially when he feels like staggering in the toilet. They give 100% support and they are so versatile to the user. A lot of people have attested that a toilet safety rail is really useful especially when entering and leaving the toilet.

Grab bars for toilets need to be always accessible when needed by the user unlike being supported by a person, who at sometimes can be absent and not offer due assistance when needed.

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The Practicality and Benefit of a Corner Shelf with a Grab Bar

Corner shelves with a grab bar are a practical and useful. The benefit of a corner shelf is that it can hold bathroom items neatly and out of the way. Many use corner shelves in the shower to hold brushes, washcloths, hair car products and even a shower radio. By having everything in one neat spot it saves one from having to leave the shower to get missing item. .

But once a grab bar is part of the design it reduces the rate of injuries happening to users. While using items in the shower it is easy to misstep on the wet and soapy bathtub bottom. So having a grab bar in the bathtub it gives user an additional assist with stability. It also helps them when entering and leaving the bathtub, a time where many of slips and falls happen. But it’s advisable that these types of grab bars be permanently affixed to the corner so they become most useful. Having a temporary, suction version for this use would not be a safe measure.

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ADA Grab Bar Height Requirements

Grab bar height have recommended specifics that help in their being effective and efficacious to the users. A grab bar height should be between twenty-eight and thirty-four inches from the bottom of the floor to the top. For the individuals who use wheelchairs, it should have nineteen inches in depth, twenty-seven inches in height, and thirty inches in width. These heights be must be strictly be followed when the Grab Bar is being installed in the toilets, bathrooms, or any other place of the house so to become effective.

ADA height Grab Bar for the bathroom and the toilet must have thirty-three to thirty-six inches above the floor. The length of the Grab Bar for the toilet and the bathroom must be forty-two inches and twelve inches in width. At the end of the Grab bar, it should fifty-four inches minimum.

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The article has clearly manifested the definition and the benefits of grab bars. They really assist the elderly, disabled, weak, and the sick when they are entering or leaving the bathroom. Grab Bars are also important when installing in the toilets for assisting the user to rise up from his or her sitting position with a lot of ease. Grab bars have reduced the rate of injuries by 80% which clearly shows how beneficial they are to the user and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is the role of the readers to read the content of the article keenly to identify the advantages of grab bar and find the one most useful for their needs.

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