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Corner Breakfast Nooks

Corner Breakfast Nook

Corner breakfast nooks make for many family breakfast memories while also maximizing your kitchen’s space. And especially when space is limited, these tried and true kitchen eating options allows you to claim your current space while using the nooks limited spacial footprint. True to form, most of these styles come with one large corner chair that seats up to 5 people and an included bench.

There are a lot of designs out there so you no doubt will find a nook that works with your decor and style.

Best Reviewed Corner Breakfast Nooks

European Dining Furniture Set
Breakfast Nook Bench

Essential Home Emily Breakfast Nook

Carriage House Breakfast Nook

Espresso 6-Piece Breakfast Nook Set Wood and Faux Leather Chairs Benches Wine Bottle Holders by Layton

Sunny Designs 0222AC Savannah Breakfast Nook Set w/ Side Bench

The Falco Dining Set made with European standard leatherette. A modern designed breakfast nook

The Amazing Corner Breakfast Nook

What Is A Breakfast Nook?

A small space, usually in a three-sided enclosed space and often located around the kitchen. This space is usually used by people for casual dining. Such an area is usually arranged with chairs and tables in a dinner setting. The chairs and tables which play a major role in the role in the nook setting are usually attached or installed to the floor. So it can be said that small spaces with tables and chairs for in the mornings, or during afternoon dining or evening dining can be categorized among the group of breakfast nooks.

The general concept of the beautiful arrangement of a breakfast nook is for it to be small by nature, it is usually so small, it may only fit four to six dinners at a time, and some breakfast nooks may even contain only two dinners. In some cases, some individuals have the breakfast nooks already built into their kitchens while they also have a formal dining room. Those with large families will have a bit of an issue if they all have to eat dinner or breakfast at a time. They may have to eat meals by taking turns, to avoid scraping time important family time, they have to make further arrangements for a formal dining room. Even though the breakfast nook is too small for a large family to dine and have meals together, it still remains the perfect place for young children to eat delicious breakfast.

The Different Styles of Corner Breakfast Nooks

corner breakfast nook in woodThere is a vast variety of styles in the decorations and locations breakfast nooks. Some are built near windows or surrounded by windows so that whoever is seated can see the nice view and enjoy the beauty of nature. Gardening is one awesome way to compliment the beautiful breakfast nook setting. Feeding your eyes with trees and the pretty view of the garden, flowers sound s like a perfect way to start your day. Some have decided to enjoy grease their morning view by lining their breakfast nooks with window flower boxes, especially those who live in apartments.

While some have positioned their breakfast nooks near windows, others do not have windows around their breakfast nooks; they rather create a simple but convenient space for serving meals. In homes with two or three people, the breakfast nook may serve as the main dining space in the home where they can sit to enjoy meals and drinks together.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ At least that’s what they say. That saying is exceeding true in this case since everyone has what appeals to them. In this particular case, the position, design, space, beautification, color, lighting, and organizational use of the breakfast nook is definitely your decision to make. You decide how you would like to design your nook space, either by making space for a breakfast nook or maybe there need for a bit if a larger space with beautiful colorful curtains and an antique or simple wooden table with padded benches or simple small chairs. It is important that before you design the breakfast nook space, you should give serious consideration to the question, “who will use this breakfast nook more?”. If the space will mostly be used to feed breakfast to the kids, a more informal, an easy-to-clean style will be most useful. But if the breakfast nook space will be for a newly married couple, the beauty, elegance, and romance are to be the key features of the nooks space.

Just like the different types and choices in the space and design of a breakfast nook, there are also a variety of furniture styles when creating a perfect breakfast nook. Many people might prefer simple constructions that may include wooden tables and a few benches surrounding the table. Others might want something more elaborate to wow their visitors every single time. Regardless of your choices, it is best to carefully measure your breakfast nook space. It will be totally unnecessary and pointless to arrange unusually sized piece of furniture in a smaller nook space. Considering the available space, custom furniture, or suited benches or chairs may be needed.

Just Tables And Chairs?

Some might be of the opinion that an extra set of ordinary tables and chairs in a corner of a home is not needed if there is already a dinning room filled with dining furniture. They may think that it is a waste of resources and space. But is it really? Is the breakfast nook furniture just a piece of ordinary tables and chairs? Let is be clear that many items in our homes ore bought on impulse and we may not need most of them after the first day of use. Think about all the stuff you bought because you thought it was cool only to keep it aside later on because it does not seem so important anymore. But our furniture has always shown class and taste. Your breakfast nook is your personal space usually designed to your taste, color, and a good use of extra space in the home. The tables are built or custom made for that particular space available unlike most furniture that is fixed wherever there’s space for them, the nook chairs and tables are usually customized to meet your taste and fit into the space with other specifications as you may please. A pure sight of beauty in a home.

Kitchen Beauty And Family Union

What makes any kitchen beautiful is its arrangement of compartment and furniture. With a few more pieces of furniture customized for the corner of your kitchen, you could forget why you are in the kitchen everyday! The breakfast nook located in the kitchen space is a source of raw beauty that radiates and compliments the general beauty of your kitchen. The breakfast nook may serve other purposes instead of the using it as a dining space. It could be used as a perfect space for your home computer or as a homework station for you or the kids. Bringing the family together is a dream for every parent and older siblings with good sense. Mixing comfort with family time is quite the investment since no one really gets tired of being comfortable with the family.

Space Saving Features Of Corner Breakfast Nooks

You most likely think of bright light and day when you think of breakfast nook. Window seats make the easiest spots for breakfast nooks. You don’t have to use the whole kitchen or living room, just pick a well-lit corner and make it your personal space. You can pull a chair and a table to a window and use the full potential of your window. Some might decide to use their breakfast nook as the main space for eating meals instead of getting bigger furniture’s for a dinner table, thereby having space but in style.

How To Make Space For Corner Breakfast Nook

Creating space for your breakfast nook is very easy as you don’t need much space. All you have to do it pick a corner, make sure that the furniture you are placing in that corner fits well and is not usually big. Make the corner cozy with color and your vibe, make it as comfortable and well lit as you would like it.

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