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4 Ways To Make A Tiny Home Feel Bigger Cleaner And Brighter

Your small home does not have to feel tiny and constricted. By employing a few tricks and tips, you can turn any home into a space that feels big and bright. Here are four proven ways to make your tiny home feel spacious and clean.

Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in various sizes and shapes throughout a room is a great trick to help enlarge the appearance of a room. According to MirrorDeco, mirrors create depth and multiply the natural light in the room. If you have big windows in a room, try hanging a large mirror on the wall directly across for them to double the incoming light.

Get Rid of Clutter

Organizing expert Marie Kondo has a myriad of tips to help you to tidy up your home and create bigger spaces. Taking the time to implement her techniques will help you to cut the clutter in your home. The first step is to clear out the items that you no longer use. Getting rid of the messiness will make a room more spacious and brighten the overall ambiance of your house. And you can follow her tips and do it yourself, or you can find a local cleaning service to do it for you. For example, if you’re in Marietta GA, look for the best maid service in Marietta GA.

Improve Interior Lighting

Using multiple and varied sources of lighting in each room will help you to make any area brighter and appear bigger. In addition to high ceiling lighting, you will bring more space to a room with low-level lighting such as lamps. Pendant lighting is also a good choice as it adds depth to the room while illuminating it at the same time. According to Helius, well-lit work and living spaces are associated with improved mood and productivity, which is a nice bonus.

Utilize Corner Storage

Rather than writing it off as wasted space, harness the room in the corners of your home to enlarge any area. Corners in living areas can be outfitted with specially designed corner shelves and bookcases used to display collectibles and other items. Corner cabinets in the kitchen can be especially challenging to use. However, there are many ways that you can use this space to store essentials and get them off of the countertops in an effort to create a more open and airier vibe in the kitchen.

Getting rid of clutter, using all of the available space in your home, and using natural and artificial light to create depth and airiness will all help to create a spacious ambiance in your house. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to get creative.

Turn Your Living Room Into An Entertainment Center

Turn your living room into a movie theater or video gaming room with a short throw projector.

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